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Nitrite-Based VCI vs Green VCI


What Are the Main Differences Between Nitrite-Based VCI and Green VCI?

Corrosion is a natural process where metals return to their original state through an electrochemical process where electrons flow from anode to cathode on unprotected metal surfaces due to electrolytes, commonly found in humidity. Volatile corrosion inhibitors (VCI) provide a sophisticated and economical way of protecting metals from corrosion by placing an atomic layer of VCI on the metal surface, which inhibits the electrochemical process and forms a thin protective layer, approximately one molecule thick.

Nitrite-based VCI is currently the most widely used VCI technology, also referred to as second-generation VCI. These nitrite-based VCI formulas contain nitrite and secondary amine-based chemicals, which are becoming regulated as they are considered carcinogenic.

[Advantages of Nitrite-Based VCI]
1. Economical nitrite-based raw materials: Many VCI film, paper, liquid, and powder sachets on the market are made from nitrite and/or secondary amines due to their low cost and ease of access.
2 Simple manufacturing process with low overhead costs: Nitrite-based VCI raw materials can be produced through a straightforward mixing and grinding process.

[Disadvantages of Nitrite-Based VCI]
1. Weak vapor-inhibiting ability: Nitrite does not have vapor functionality, so nitrite-based products are commonly referred to as "contact-phase corrosion inhibitors."
2. Harmful to human health and the environment: Nitrite and secondary amines create nitrosamine, which is toxic to humans.

[Advantages of Green VCI]
1. More environmentally friendly and less harmful to human health: The majority of the chemicals used are plant extracts and food additives.
2. Improved vapor-inhibiting ability: The formula also includes oxygen scavenging functionality to reduce the amount of oxygen in the package.

[Disadvantages of Green VCI]
1. Longer manufacturing process and higher overhead costs: The cost of green VCI raw materials is higher due to the use of plant extracts and food additives.

GreenVCI R&D Co., Ltd. has developed a comprehensive product line that meets and exceeds these requirements by using readily biodegradable and food-grade chemical-based VCI formulas since the early 2000s. GreenVCI R&D Co., Ltd. welcomes the opportunity to serve your company with green corrosion inhibitor products and solutions.