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Liquid & Oil

VCI Liquid "GVL800"

GreenVCI® GVL800 is a multi-purpose water-soluble volatile corrosion inhibitor concentrate that works for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

GVL800 works for VCI application even with a mere <5% dilution factor and provides wet corrosion protection for up to 24 months when air-sealed.

GVL800 is a highly concentrated liquid VCI solution that works by forming a water-soluble thin tacky film (oil-like appearance) on the surface of metal products and by limiting contact between metal surface and oxygen or moisture in the air.

GVL800 works also in hydrostatic testing for pressure and leaking tests of various piping facilities and is ompliant with the US Department of Defense VCI performance standard.

  • Performance

    MIL-STD-3010C Method 4031 VIA, Climate Chamber Corrosivity

  • Safety

    0% Nitrite, 0% Secondary Amines, TRGS 615, REACH (SVHC), ROHS

  • Application field

    Mothballing, replacement for oil-based corrosion preventatives, additives to hydrostatic test and leaking test, additive for cutting fluid, heavy industrial equipment, auto parts, metal parts, machineries, storage tanks, and tubular structures such as pip