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VCI Powder "GVP100-B"

GreenVCI® GVP100-B is a biodegradable volatile corrosion inhibitor offering scale protection and temporary corrosion protection for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

GVP100-B is applicable in saltwater providing temporary corrosion protection from chlorides and scale protection.

VCI within the vapor area forms a thin protective molecular layer over the metal surface to prevent oxidization for 24 months within an enclosed space for both wet and dry methods.

  • Performance

    NACE TM0208-2018 VIA, TL 8135-0043 VIA, MIL-I-22110C Compatibility with Copper, FED-STD-3010 Method 4031 VIA, FED-STD-101 Method 3005 Contact Corrosivity, Climate Chamber Corrosivity

  • Safety

    0% Nitrite, 0% Amines, TRGS 615 & REACH (SVHC), ROHS, KS I ISO 7827 (OECD 301A)

  • Application field

    Scale prevention and corrosion inhibition for various pressure vessels including heat exchangers, pipes, tanks, boilers, valves, etc.; works as a hydrostatic testing additive for these pressure vessels