DSME Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & VCI Gel (Grease) / VCI Powder


Client: DSME Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering

Product Development:
VCI Gel (Grease), VCI Powder (POMNSO), & VCI Powder (POM)

R&D Objective:
Rust is generated in the process of cutting and welding steel during rainy season, seawater, and sea breeze, and even if rust has been removed, it'll continuously rust again.
In order to prevent re-rusting on all valves, we developed VCI Powders and VCI Gels at the request of the Daewoo Shipbuilding Design Team and the painting department to prevent on-going corrosion.

R&D Service:
VCI Gel (Grease)
V/V and pipe flange surfaces, when decelerating, pulleys and bearings have a lot of momentum, and are used for rust prevention and lubrication on surfaces that come into direct contact with water or seawater.

VCI Powder (POMNSO) - Non-soluble
After STEEL surface treatment in the rainy season, rust formation is prevented in advance on the tangent part for block and the cutting surface of the member, enabling workability and compatibility with other than top coat.

VCI Powder (POM) - Soluble
It has a solubility of 99% in water and is applied to rods and is used for manufacturing and exporting plants such as pipes and vessels.