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What is biodegradable VCI?


What is biodegradable VCI?

Biodegradable Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (BioVCI) packaging material has been created to protect metal surfaces from rust and deterioration during transportation and storage. The main variance between BioVCI and the traditional variety is that it is composed of natural, plant-based elements that can decompose into harmless substances when released into the environment.

This makes it a more responsible and eco-friendly substitute to the usual VCI packaging. Moreover, BioVCI is also very successful at guarding metal surfaces from rust and corrosion. It does this by emitting a harmless vapor into the sealed environment that generates a protective layer around the metallic surface. This layer stops rust and corrosion from happening by barring moisture and other corrosive elements from coming in contact with the metallic surface.

BioVCI is a great option for numerous kinds of businesses such as automotive, aerospace, and military. It can be used for the keeping and shipment of electronics, firearms, and other metallic items. It is getting popular due to its eco-friendly qualities and proficient protection against rust and corrosion.

Companies who are looking to lower their environmental footprint and safeguard their metal items during storage and transportation are increasingly selecting BioVCI.

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