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VCI Film vs VCI Paper


Choosing between VCI Film and VCI Paper

VCI film and VCI paper are both effective in preventing corrosion on metal surfaces, but they both have some benefits and shortcomings.
Benefits of GreenVCI Film:
Durable: VCI film is tougher than VCI paper and can handle more wear and tear. It is also more capable of withstanding humidity, high temperatures, and other environmental conditions
Improved protection: VCI film can be spread out over large metal components or machinery to provide full coverage, providing more protection than paper
Long-term storage: VCI film is appropriate for long-term storage of metal parts, which makes it perfect for businesses where parts are not used regularly

Shortcomings of GreenVCI film:
Cost: Usually, VCI film is pricier than VCI paper in general.
Less flexible: VCI film is not as flexible as VCI paper and may not be suitable for wrapping small or oddly-shaped pieces.

Benefits of GreenVCI Paper:
Budget-friendly: VCI paper is generally more affordable than VCI film.
Handy: VCI paper is effortless to work with and can be wrapped around components of any form or dimension.
Pliable: VCI paper is more pliable than VCI film, making it perfect for wrapping up small or oddly-shaped elements.
Shortcomings of GreenVCI Paper:
Less sturdy: VCI paper is not as enduring as film and could not be suitable for long-term storage or transport of metal parts.
Less coverage: VCI paper may not provide as much coverage as VCI film, as it may not totally encompass the metal parts.

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